Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser

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Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser

  • Enriched with essential lemon oil which helps prevent pimples. It thoroughly removes dirt and excess oil, leaving the skin pimple free.
  • Lemon skin to clean and treat the skin
  • It is used to clean and lighten all areas of the body.
  • It works to take great care of the skin
  • It removes acne, blackheads and blackheads definitively and completely
  • Deeply purifies the skin to deliver a sense of freshness
  • Patented Cerasterol-2F complex helps soothe and restructure skin
  • Enriched with fatty agents that preserve the skin from desiccating effects of water


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Eskinol Lemon Facial Cleanser

AED 20.00 Inc VAT

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