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Popularly known as  Snot Apple, Silky Kola and Azanza, Goron Tula is  a natural fertility supplement and a libido booster.

GORON TULA- considered a ‘miracle fruit’ for its various benefits. Can be bought in fruit  freshly ground powdered form or Syrup and added to food as an additive. Can also be taken by men and women.


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Goron Tula Nuts -10g

Goron tula powder is used to increase the libido as consumption helps in developing strong desires for sexual intercourse .

People experiencing lowered libido, as a result of stress or other health conditions, can try goron tula.

Vagina lubrication

Women with dry vagina are advised to try goron tula as it stimulates the production of vagina wetness and is perfect for keeping the vagina area moist and wet. Goron Tula has been recommended for women who find it hard to reach orgasm.

Boost fertility

Researchers believe that goron tula can be used as a fertility enhancer and it minimises the dependence on synthetic drugs as fertility-enhancing

Gets rid of vagina odour.

Goron tula is good in getting rid of bad odour coming from the vagina as it serves as a vagina cleanser, helping to clean it.

How to use Goron Tula Powder

**Take with tea, yogurt , ice cream, custard milk, smoothies or cereal.


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