Choco Milo × 100 pieces

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Choco Milo × 100 pieces

Nestle Milo Energy Cube also known as Choco Milo by most people. Has been a classic sort of chocolaty candy, kids and adults have enjoyed for years and still very much enjoy. These very interesting cubes of milo are something most of us would remember from year ago. Definitely a favourite among children and adults alike, these cute yummy cubes measure about 0.8 cm each side and give you an experience you can re-live each time you throw one into your mouth. The pack holds a 100 cubes that you can enjoy over and over with your friends, family and kids. Coming in the traditional Nestle Milo green pack, you discover a whole new level of chocolaty sweetness when you unwrap that green little wrapper. These cubes were made from original nestle milo and contains all the nutritional benefits that accompanies the powdered chocolate beverage. Nestle Milo Energy Cube are very compact and solid. This means you have to suck on them for a while or bite into them to open the cube of crunchier milo chocolate. We all know that the Milo brand is number one when it comes to chocolate malt beverages. It contains tons of healthy vitamins and minerals that contribute greatly to the general well being of both kids and adults. Choco milo contains calcium which plays a major role in the development of very strong healthy teeth and bones. Rich in Iron, you can be relaxed knowing you are gaining a steady supply of Iron every time you enjoy one of these cute choco milo cubes.


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Choco Milo

Choco Milo × 100 pieces

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